Living La Vida Loca Linda

Loca Linda is the project of Fort Greene local Brian Smith. Nearly two years ago, Brian began with the goal of sourcing and importing high quality, value-driven Argentine wine. After two years of doing everything from searching for vineyard sites to hiring a winemaker, the first bottles of wine landed stateside at the end of November. Loca Linda (translation: “crazy beautiful”) Malbec is a medium-to-full bodied wine with a touch of oak and dark berry fruits on the palate. The nose is laced with sweet spice and floral notes and offers a bit more red fruit than the palate. Note this is is one liter bottle so is 1 and 1/3 of a regular 750 ml bottle (Super Bowl Size Me!).

This Friday, January 29 from 5-7pm, we welcome Brian to the store to pour his Malbec and tell tales of his life as an international man of mystery/wine importer.

Order online in Brooklyn:
Loca Linda Malbec 1 Liter

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