Loca Linda is the project of Fort Greene local Brian Smith. Nearly two years ago, Brian began with the goal of sourcing and importing high quality, value-driven Argentine wine. After two years of doing everything from searching for vineyard sites to hiring a winemaker, the first bottles of wine landed stateside at the end of November. Loca Linda (translation: “crazy beautiful”) Malbec is a medium-to-full bodied wine with a touch of oak and dark berry fruits on the palate. The nose is laced with sweet spice and floral notes and offers a bit more red fruit than the palate. Note this is is one liter bottle so is 1 and 1/3 of a regular 750 ml bottle (Super Bowl Size Me!).

This Friday, January 29 from 5-7pm, we welcome Brian to the store to pour his Malbec and tell tales of his life as an international man of mystery/wine importer.

Order online in Brooklyn:
Loca Linda Malbec 1 Liter