Your Chocolate Fix

When your sweet tooth is calling, feed the cravings with a nibble or two of any of our delicious chocolate offerings. Most of our artisan chocolates, in pretty packages that feel like a gift wrapped present for yourself, are made with the true essence of each cocoa bean in mind.

If you like your bars smooth and single origin, try the Nathan Miller Ghana 70% bar with notes of toffee, vanilla and coconut, or the Fruition Hispaniola 68% which is balanced and bright.
We carry a range of specialty bars such as Askinosie’s Malted Milk Chocolate made in collaboration with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, and Raaka’s Coconut Milk Bar, a vegan bar for the milk chocolate lovers.
And if you love inclusion bars, Zoe’s Dark Pretzel bar hits the the spot with a burst of salt, while Dick Taylor Black Fig Bar has chewy local mission figs in 72% Madagascar chocolate.
We encourage you to savor each bite!


Meg ChristmanYour Chocolate Fix
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Another Taste of Provisions

A round up of the tasty treats we’ll have out on display this weekend at Provisions (767 Fulton Street)!

Friday 10/02
Greene Grape Cheesemongers 5pm-8pm
Gorgonzola Cremificato paired with chopped Medjool Dates
Rich in flavor, pungent and almost sweet this cheese combines perfectly with a bite of date

Saturday 10/03
Health Aide Kombucha11am-2pm
A bubbly probiotic tea- flavored with fresh pressed organic fruit juices and fermented in glass bottles. Those seeking healthy refreshment rejoice!

Sunday 10/04
Hodo Soy Tofu 11am-2pm
A tofu company that is so much more- the entire Hodo line includes fresh and cooked tofu, ready to eat curry nuggets, and our new favorite- tofu skins. These thin sheets are the perfect substitute for grains in a noodle dish and add protein to your meal. Read what Bon Appetit had to say about Hodo Tofu here and then come for a taste at our shop!

Quince and Apple Small Batch Preserves3pm-6pm
We are excited to be hosting the perfect compliment to the first round of our October cheese pairings! The Quince & Apple Shallot Confit with Red Wine was meant to be served alongside a robust blue cheese.

Monday 10/05
Jar Goods Tomato Sauce – 5pm-8pm
Don’t believe the hype- taste for yourself why this bold and bright sauce is one of our all-time staff favorites.


Meg ChristmanAnother Taste of Provisions
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Wine and Spirits Fall Tasting Series

Stop by each week at Greene Grape Wine & Spirits (765 Fulton Street) to sip on our best seasonal boozy recommendations!

All tastings will begin at 6pm and run until 8pm unless otherwise noted. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Friday, Sep 25 – Tasty Italian reds for those big, hearty pasta dishes
Friday, Oct 2 – Apple spirits from Harvest Spirits to kick off apple picking season
Friday, Oct 9 – Big domestic reds to pair with your seasonal roasts and stews
Friday, Oct 16 – Apple brandy from Neversink Spirits, a brand new local producer
Friday, Oct 23 – Cool weather reds and whites from Portugal
Friday, Oct 30 – A match up of two local whiskeys from Breuckelen Distilling

Meg ChristmanWine and Spirits Fall Tasting Series
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High on the Hog!

Variety is the spice of life and today we’re happy to announce that our Whole Animal Butcher Program is going the extra mile as Head Butcher Lena Diaz introduces a new heritage breed of pork into our store alongside our classic offerings.

Let’s talk about what differences these varieties bring:

The Greene Grape Newbie- Berkshire Pork
A special heritage breed, the Berkshire is admired around the globe. The high quality is first seenin the deep almost purplish color of the meat, and comes through further with a denser mouthfeel and rich, almost gamey flavor unlike typical commercial breeds.

Ye Olde Standby- Tamworth & G.O.S.
The Gloucester Old Spot and the Tamworth are heritage breeds that truly symbolize the kind of slow food, anti-industrial production that we prize at our shop. These old breeds are big & broad and when crossed together the result is a flavor profile is more delicate, succulent and moist. These qualities lend to the production of our juicy housemade bacon.

Stop by the counter soon and participate in our piggie pageant! Ask our butchers for preparation tips and mix up your weekday meals with a taste-off in your own kitchen. Don’t forget to share with us the results!

Angela GelsoHigh on the Hog!
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A Taste of Provisions!

We’ve got a great line up of demos this weekend featuring products from suppliers near and far!
Saturday 9/12/15:

11am -2pm: Our new favorite granola comes to us from Oro Provisions, their gluten-free Forager’s Blend is lightly sweet with the addition of maple syrup while the Farmhouse Blend is packed with enough nutrient dense ingredients to truly fuel our days.

2pm- 5pmHernan  These are not your average mole sauces! Concentrated and a bit gritty like Mexican chocolate the red Poblano has tomato paste, chocolate and loads of chilis and spices, while the green Pipian has pumpkin seeds and more chilis and heat. Both are easy to add to cooked meat, veggies or tofu with a little water or broth, and create a delicious, rich, deep gravy.

Sunday 9/13/15:

11am- 2pm: Give your morning a healthy start by sampling fresh Made By Lukas veggie burgers. Fill up on fresh vegetables, quinoa, seeds and spices in any shape and size you’d like with these ready-to-form fresh burger mixes!

2pm- 5pm: Kimchi Kooks – This family run company has perfected their line of tasty kimchi. Not too sharp, not too effervescent, the classic and the white kimchi are both just right.

5pm- 8pm: We’re keeping it local today with a visit from our neighbors No. 7 Restaurant who’s corner spot we’ll often visit just so we can cover our food in their signature hot sauce. Imagine our delight when we found out they would be bottling it for wholesale! Come by and taste for yourself the wonder that is the No. 7 hot sauce!


Meg ChristmanA Taste of Provisions!
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Summer Salads 101

Have you been by our Prepared Foods counter lately? Our chef has created summer salads that are light and flavorful, and show us how even the most simple of ingredients can create the most stunning dish. Try out this recipe for our raw zucchini salad and be amazed at the flavors you bring to life!

1 clove fresh garlic
Juice and zest of 1 lemon
Large pinch of chili flakes
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
3 medium sized zucchini
4 fresh basil leaves
1/4 cup Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
Prep Dressing:

Crush garlic, add lemon juice, lemon zest and chili flakes
Whisk in 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil (such as Biolea or Merula)
Let sit and begin slicing zucchini

Prep Zucchini:
Using a mandoline or sharp peeler, thinly slice the zucchini lengthwise
Chop fresh basil into long strips
Toss zucchini, basil and dressing in a bowl
Top with freshly grated cheese, and salt and pepper to taste

Meg ChristmanSummer Salads 101
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The Mighty Burger

The Mighty Burger

The most quintessential item at any Fourth of July cookout, the burger is as classic as it gets, but not all burgers are made the same! Our whole animal butchers grind specific cuts of beef to create our All-Star line-up of burgers. Let us introduce you to the team!

Ribeye Cap: lean and satisfying
pair with: Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Co-op’s Blue Hills Bleu

Short Rib: extra juicy
pair with: Jasper Hills Clothbound Cheddar

La Ranchera: skirt steak burger with extra beefy flavor
pair with:a juicy pickle

Bacon Brisket: our most popular burger
enhance with:a sweet alpine cheese for extra melt factor!

Extra-Dry Aged Ribeye Cap: tender with highly concentrated flavor
pair with:

Meg ChristmanThe Mighty Burger
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Gin is In!

There is something about gin, the often overlooked spirit, that pairs perfectly with the transition from spring to summer.  We invite you to join us at Wine & Spirits (765 Fulton St.) all month long as we celebrate the many tastes of gin in June!
Citrus – Friday, Jun 5 6-8pm- Breuckelen Distillery
Mint – Friday, Jun 12 5-8pm – Bluecoat Gin
Spice – Friday, Jun 19 5-8pm- Junipero Organic Gin
Friday, Jun 26 5-8pm- Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin
Named for a former Commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, this 114 proof gin can handle the high seas…or the poolside. Citrus plays with anise in this gin and begs to become a gimlet!
Saturday, Jun 27 5-8pm- Caledonia Barr Hill Gin
We’ll finish off our Gin in June series with a most interesting gin from Vermont. Before bottling, this gin is mixed with raw Vermont honey. It’s something you might find yourself in the mood for all summer long!
Greene GrapeGin is In!
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Grill’s Night Out!

Can’t decide what to grill this weekend? Take a tip from our butchers! It doesn’t take much to bring out the incredible flavor of our grass-fed meats.
Beef: Dry Aged Rib-eye, Top Sirloin or NY Strip
Pork: Top Sirloin, T-Bone Chop
Sausage: Any kind!!
Pro-Tip: Use fresh soaked bundles of herbs in place of a basting brush, the slight abrasions they create increase the surface area for browning and impart light flavors throughout the meat.

Don’t forget the wine! While you’re grilling, open up a bottle of Chad Pinot Noir ’13 ($20), a tasty Cali pinot packed with lush, tart red fruits with underpinnings of fresh, mulchy earth.

Sourced from the Santa Rita Hills in Santa Barbara County, the wine is medium-bodied, versatile, and intense in flavor, allowing it to hold its own with whatever you’re throwing on the grill.

Happy grillin’ Fort Greene!

Greene GrapeGrill’s Night Out!
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Of Poems & Picnics

Spring is here and that can mean only one thing.

Picnics in the park! Here’s what you should bring:

 Start with a snack- a nice big bag of Bjorn Quorn,

Head over to the Cheesemonger for some Swiss Schnebelhorn.

Put it in your basket with a Bien Cuit Baguette,

Don’t forget the House-made Pork Rillette!

For a trendy touch add some Empire Mayo,

And finish it off with a juicy heirloom tomato.

Meet at the top of Fort Greene Park on the hill,

Savor your treats and enjoy sitting still.

Make sure that you packed the wine and the beer,

But be discreet and remember, you didn’t get it here! 😉

Greene GrapeOf Poems & Picnics
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