Good Food

Do you know if the honey you purchased is made by people who engage their local community in educational efforts? Are you certain that your olive oil comes from olives pressed in the most recent harvest? Can you be sure if the ingredients in your cider are grown or produced with practices that promote resource conservation and minimize synthetic inputs, including pesticides, herbicides and fungicides?

If your purchase was produced by a member of the Good Foods Merchant Guild, then the answer is yes, yes, and yes!

At Provisions, we strive to find ways to make informed shopping choices easier for our guests. We do not have one set standard criteria for entry into our shop, because we acknowledge the nuanced nature of food production. One rule may not encompass the unique challenges faced by producers in different fields, but one thing that a honey maker, cheese maker and cider miller can have in common is a drive to create something authentic and real. The Good Food movement highlights the details that are important in defining a craft and creates opportunities to educate eaters on the process it takes to bring a product to market. It is our hope that the Good Food Awards logo will help our customers identify products that they can trust, and inspire them to learn a little more about why.

The Good Food Awards are more than just decorative; they have also inspired a nationwide retailer’s collaborative, a merchants guild and this weekend’s 2nd Annual NYC Good Food Mercantile, hosted at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint. The Mercantile is where American producers are given access to share their products with like-minded retailers from across the country. Events like these help retailers meet the consumer demand for clean food in their shops, and they also keep us encouraged on the path towards a more sustainable food system.

The Greene Grape is on a mission to build commerce and community between the people who make, purvey, and enjoy Good Food. We are a proud sponsor of the Good Food Awards and the Good Food Mercantile and a founding member of the Good Food Retailers Collaborative. The Retailers Collaborative is a group of like-minded stores across the country who share the values of taste, authenticity and responsible production. 

Meg ChristmanGood Food
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Fresh and Local in the Produce Aisle

With sweet summer fruits coming into season just around the corner, we’re taking a moment to savor the (mostly) green vegetables that kick off the season. From tender to sturdy with unexpectedly bright flavors,  these vegetables are a delight on the grill, in the pan, or simply as is.

Top Picks from the Produce Team:
Brooklyn Grange Mixed Greens and Arugula
On a rooftop less than a mile away, these greens grow happily and healthfully under the care of some of the best farmers, who then harvest and deliver them personally to our doors. Local agriculture at its finest!
Garlic Scapes
A short ramps season is okay, because now we have scapes. These fibrous strands of the garlic plant shoot up above the soil each Spring. Enjoy them grilled or made into a pesto to add a garlicky kick to your meal.
New Potatoes
This is pretty much the best potatoes are gonna get all year. These freshly dug potatoes generally have more moisture content which makes for a more luscious potato experience.

What else you’ll find:
Heirloom Zuhccini
Squash Blossoms
Green Kale- This is now local and very good from Marolda farms
Local Broccoli – Upstate NY
Mint thyme Rosemary cilantro dill
Green garlic
Garlic chives
Snow peas n
Snap peas
English peas
Fava beans

Meg ChristmanFresh and Local in the Produce Aisle
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Ronsel do Sil Ribera Sacra Godello Vel’uveryra 2013

“Taut, lively and pure, with great balance and briny floral and mineral flavors.” 

In this week’s Dining section, the Ronsel do Sil Ribeira Sacra Godello Vel’uveyra 2013 ($20) was picked by the NYT’s tasting panel as “Best of Tasting” and “Best Value” in a lineup of 20 Godello-based wines.

Saved from extinction by a dedicated cadre of Spanish growers, the Godello grape produces “richly textured and floral … energetic, lively and balanced” whites.

Luckily, we were able to snag the last 2 cases of the Ronsel do Sil available in New York.

Only 24 bottles in stock.  No case discounts apply. To order click here or call us at (718) 797-9463.

Meg ChristmanRonsel do Sil Ribera Sacra Godello Vel’uveryra 2013
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Grill Crashers

Grilling out is a must on Memorial Day Weekend, but if you lack space or devices, take a tip from Provisions Produce Buyer Jason Rivera and head to Prospect Park. Every weekend you’ll find plenty of grills firing, and with this spread, you’ll be bound to make some new friends who’ll let you join in!

Destination: The Nethermead, Prospect Park
What to Pack: Two crowd pleasing beverages- Sancerre Rosé and a bottle of Vouvray, cheese picks from the Provisions cheesemongers, a couple of house made sausages in an insulated bag (so you can toss them on the grill) and of course, plenty of farm fresh produce to share!
What You’ll Find: Cricket tournaments, young lovers, green grass and grills galore

Meg ChristmanGrill Crashers
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Picnic Like a Local

A local butcher that is! Our Head Butcher Lena Diaz has traveled the world and back but she knows that when it comes to picnics, there’s no place like home.

Destination: Brooklyn Bears Community Garden at Carlton Ave between Greene Ave & Fulton St. (open on weekends only)
What to Pack: Crack open a Westbrook Gose with a side of housemade pickled veggies, salty quicos and assorted pica pica. Try my favorite creation our Pork and Duck rillettes with cornichons on Il Forno bakery’s pane de sésamo. Throw in a kale salad out of the deli grab-n-go and finish off with medjool dates and dried mangoes.
What You’ll Find: A relaxing escape and a community of people who make this neighborhood even greener!


Shall we compare thee to a picnic basket? Because around here, that’s high praise indeed! This Spring, the buyers at Provisions are sharing their favorite picnic destinations and the snacks that they’d pack for each of them.

Meg ChristmanPicnic Like a Local
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Shall we compare thee to a picnic basket?

Because around these parts, that would be high praise indeed! This month, the buyers at Provisions are sharing their favorite picnic destinations and the snacks that they’d pack for each of them. We’re starting with a decadent spread befit for a classic destination selected by our Senior Buyer Laura Heifetz.
Destination: Central Park
What to Pack: Snack on – Vermont Creamery salted cultured butter smeared on Talbott & Arding spelt crackers, Samaki smoked salmon, Brami Beans pickled lupini beans, and Fuller’s Serious Cheesy PuffsWash it all down with lemon blueberry Pilot Kombucha and chilled Dona Chai Concentrate, blended with Jubali almond milk. And finish with an Eclat City Harvest chocolate bar.
What You’ll Find: Historic architecture, trees for days, “Serenity Now!” or if you prefer, live music wafting from the Summerstage!

Meg ChristmanShall we compare thee to a picnic basket?
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We’re Feelin’ the Pulse

The U.N. has declared 2016 as the International Year of the Pulse and with Earth Day on the horizon, we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this earth friendly food group!
Pulses are…

  • Non-fatty legumes that are grown specifically for drying, including pinto, navy, black and heirloom beans; garbanzo beans; lima beans; split peas and lentils.
  • A heart healthy food that is easy to grow, earth-friendly and can alleviate global hunger.
  • A protein source with a low footprint, in both carbon and water.
  • A positive impact on soil quality that lessen the need for chemical inputs on farming land.
  • A low fat, high fiber protein with a low glycemic index and high amounts of B vitamins.
  • Good sources of iron which make them a natural energy booster.

There are some amazing companies working to bring pulses to our plates and one Greene Grape favorite is Rancho Gordo. Based out of California, Rancho Gordo’s commitment to growing heirloom beans and working with local growers is without comparison.

If you’re on the run and need a quick snack that will actually leave you feeling energized, check out North River Dry Goods – Split Pea Snacks. These crunchy and savory roasted split peas are unique and taste great by the handful, or work as a crunchy topping for salads, savory oatmeal, or whatever your heart desires! If pickles are more likely to tickle your fancy, try out one of our newest products, Brami Beans. These pickled lupini beans are a satisfying treat after a workout, or to get you through a mid-afternoon slump.

We’ve got plenty more in the pulse department, so come on by and join the bandwagon, after all, it’s only the Year of the Pulse once!

Meg ChristmanWe’re Feelin’ the Pulse
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Spring Tastings at Wine & Spirits

As far as each season goes, the Fall may have the most recognizable flavor profile (pumpkin-spice everything, anyone?), but it is Spring whose bright, light and tenderly sweet flavors we yearn for as the Winter wears off and the days grow longer. In that spirit, we are excited to announce our line up of Spirits Tastings every Friday this Spring at Wine & Spirits!

Fri, April 1 – Apple Vodka & Brandy from Harvest Spirits

Fri, April 8 – White Rum from the West Indies

Fri, April 15 – A Tasting with the distiller from Neversink Spirits

Fri, April 22 – Springtime Cocktails with Vermouth

Fri, April 29 – Sake Tasting

Fri, May 6 – Perry’s Tot Gin from NY Distilling

Fri, May 13 – A Tasting with the distiller from Breuckelen Distillery
The most glorious of gins

Fri, May 20 – Small Batch Rum & Tequila

Meg ChristmanSpring Tastings at Wine & Spirits
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Provisions Happy List

There is much to be excited about at Provisions & we couldn’t resist, but to compile a list!
  • The crispy crunch of Crimson Topaz apples from Myer’s Produce in Vermont.
  • This Corned Beef Rueben, just the start a of a whole new sandwich menu set to debut this Spring!
  • “Greene” Eggs & Ham! Our house made ham is made by our butchers using Arcadian Pastures hogs. Arcadian also delivers with farm fresh eggs & whole pastured chickens.
  • Helping food entrepreneurs master the art of pitching their product with Edible Brooklyn and Brooklyn Brewery.
  • The sweetness of fresh green garbanzo beans
  • Doughnuts at Annex – oh, the flavors you’ll see!
  • Our inspiring customers who support us, challenge us, and share in our community. We wouldn’t be here without you and you bring smiles to our faces every day!
  • And last but not least, Chocolate Easter bunnies from NuNu Chocolates – you learn a lot about person by watching the way the choose to devour these delicious little treats 🙂

Happy Spring Fort Greene!

Meg ChristmanProvisions Happy List
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Demo Season

We will update this post regularly to keep you up-to-date with the full line-up of in-store demos at Provisions (767 Fulton Street). Find a time to stop by and sample some of the newest and most exciting products on the market!

Saturday 3/05
Bad Seed Chili Granola- 11am-2pm
Sampling “granola’s evil twin” a spicy and crunchy blend great for topping anything that needs a little bit of texture and punch!

Goldthread Elixers- 2pm-5pm
Talk herbal nutrition with these magnetic elixer making mavens!

Sunday 3/06
Brami Beans– 11am-2pm
Pickled protein in convenient packs- lupini beans are making a comeback.

Victory Garden Goat Gelato- 2pm-5pm
Taste the latest flavor (Coachella date) from the finest goat gelato makers in the game right now!

Saturday 3/12
Culture: An American Yogurt Company– 11am-2pm
Sip ‘n shake on these creamy dreamy Greek yogurt shakes made locally right over in Park Slope.

Sunday 3/13
It’s Kale– 12pm-3pm
Healthy chips are chips made with kale and chia, satisfying and endlessly snackable.

Truffleist – 3pm-6pm
Take your pick of truffle creations – salt, honey, butter or oil. They are all guaranteed to add decadence to your meal!

Monday 3/14
Health Ade Kombucha- 5pm-8pm
Organic kombucha from the left coast- these funky fruity flavors bring cheer everywhere they go!

Saturday 3/19
Sound Tea – 1pm-4pm
Not your average carbonated beverage! Try a sip of this unsweetened sparkling tea made with the best and fewest possible ingredients.

True Made Foods 4pm-7pm
More than just tomatoes, their ketchup and barbecue sauce are boosted with the addition of other veggies- these condiments are in a league of their own.

Sunday 3/20
Bija Bhar– 2pm-5pm
Straight out of Brooklyn FoodWorks these vegan, gluten free, paleo, seed-based snacks that eat like a treat while supporting the demands of your day.

Monday 3/21
One Culture Foods– 6pm-8:30pm
Arguably one of the most innovative products on our shelf right now! These spicy Asian influenced sauces are simple to prepare and complex in flavor. Choose your favorite and stir fry a batch tonight!


Meg ChristmanDemo Season
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