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Mister Katz’s Rock & Rye

Mixed drinks now are ‘spensive!  And so tiny!  To your rescue and hot off the press is the cure for all that ails you, Mister Katz’s Rock & Rye, $32.  This concoction of locally distilled rye, rock candy syrup and citrus elements is essentially an old-fashioned in a bottle. Featured in the NY Times this morning, we’re proud to say we’re the first store to carry it just in time for you to be the coolest person at your Halloween party.  Only 36 bottles in stock. Early adopters, call us to reserve your bottle at (718) 797-9463.  Laggards stop by the store from 6-8pm on Friday to sample this devilishly delicious drink on All Hallow’s Eve.

Melsheimer Kabinett Riesling ’11

In late July, I had the opportunity to travel to Germany to tour two premiere wine regions, the Rheinhessen and the Mosel.  Over the course of five whirlwind days I tasted close to 500 wines.  It was an amazing experience that galvanized my passion for German wines.

One of the more charming wines of the trip was poured for me by winemaker Thorsten Melsheimer, a towering, gregarious guy (pictured right) who, much to the chagrin of our tour group’s watch-tapping chaperone, swept us away in his beat up truck for an impromptu tour of the local vineyards and mountains where he works. Through vertigo-inducing back roads overlooking unbelievably steep vineyards, I got a tangible sense of where the wines that I had enjoyed for so long were from. It was a “connect-the-dots” moment that crystallized my enthusiasm for the wines of the region.

Melsheimer’s Kabinett Riesling ’11 is classic and honest, and really strikes at the heart of what I find so appealing about German wines.  Light on its feet but intense enough to compliment a large swath of food pairings, it has a citrusy snap that encompasses a core of tart apple followed by a fresh, stony finish. There is a touch of sweetness but the wine finishes virtually dry thanks to a final flash of acidity.

We have a little less than 10 cases (the staff has been picking them off one-by-one) to offer of Melsheimer’s Reiler Mullay-Hofberg Kabinett Riesling ’11 ($17.50).  To order call us at (718) 797-9463.

Best Dressed

You may have noticed that we sell very few brands of salad dressing by now. In fact, just two. This is not an oversight. Tait Farms, located just outside State College, PA, grows their own vegetables and herbs organically, and creates lovely, simple flavors for your salad needs. More locally, we have MOMO dressing, 3 genuine Japanese flavors that pack an intense punch.

Why do we have so few choices? Because dressing is so easy to make! We have a great array of oils, from California and Spanish, Greek and Italian olive, to hazelnut and walnut oils from France. Vinegars range from Canadian Apple Cider to Italian Balsamic, from Asian Rice to Spanish Rose Wine, each lending notes of light citrus and floral to intense, deep and earthy. With a few varieties, every night’s dressing can be unique.

Grab a jar or container with a tight light, add a few glugs of whichever oil and vinegar you fancy (3 parts oil, 1 part vinegar), a dollop of dijon or mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and if you want to get crazy, a squeeze of citrus, some chopped fresh herbs, shallots, garlic or even cooked bacon bits, close the lid, and shake, shake, shake! There are so many great recipes on the web, but with a well-stocked pantry and a little practice, you’ll be a master in no time!

Latte to Later

Greene Grape Annex has expanded from coffee and pastries and now serves wine and beer, salads, pressed sandwiches and cheese and charcuterie plates (and, soon, cocktails) in our new home at 753 Fulton at the corner of South Portland in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  Join us Sunday-Thursday 7am-10pm and Friday and Saturday 7am-11pm.


Summer’s in full swing, and nothing beats a portable, frozen treat! Novelties, individually wrapped, single servings of a frozen dessert, are taking over the freezer case this summer, and with something for everyone, we’re all sure to keep cool.

For the traditional ice cream fans, Jeni’s Ice Cream Sandwiches are king. Two are naturally gluten free; the Salty Caramel with Smoked Almonds, and the Chocolate Hazelnut both come on macarons, made with almond flour. They are light and chewy, with decadent premium ice cream in between. The third flavor that we carry, Oatmeal Cream, does come on traditional oatmeal-wheat cookies, and taste as good as home-made.

You may have also noticed a new bright pink label in the freezer in the last few weeks - It’s It Ice Cream Sandwiches now come in strawberry! Created nearly a century ago in San Francisco, these treats are also on oatmeal cookies, but then dipped in chocolate. The mint flavor seems to outsell the others quite a bit, perhaps because mint is so cooling?

If dairy isn’t your thing, try one of our ice pops! We’ve had Jolly Llama push-ups, which come in 4 packs, for years, in simple fruit flavors.. right now we have strawberry and mango. But there are two new icey novelties: Brewla Bars are made here in Brooklyn, and based on brewed liquids: tea, coffee and root beer. We’re trying out the Root Beer and White Tea with Peach and Ginger, each a slightly more grown up delight, that would taste equally great on the go, and dunked into a vodka spritzer.

Lastly, Innocent Ice Pops, basically fresh juices in popcicle form, will give you a burst of nutrition. They are vegan, gf, and have nothing added but pure fruit and vegetable juices, including carrots, beets, and even kale! The Tropicarrot combines carrots with tropical fruits like mango, while the Kale Daddy is almost a cleanse, with loads of ginger, cayenne and of course, kale and apple juices. Ranging from 45 to 80 calories each, they are perfect for after a hard day’s work, a yoga or gym work-out, or just sitting in Fort Greene Park with a good book.

However you choose to treat yourself, we’ve got you covered!