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Summer’s in full swing, and nothing beats a portable, frozen treat! Novelties, individually wrapped, single servings of a frozen dessert, are taking over the freezer case this summer, and with something for everyone, we’re all sure to keep cool.

For the traditional ice cream fans, Jeni’s Ice Cream Sandwiches are king. Two are naturally gluten free; the Salty Caramel with Smoked Almonds, and the Chocolate Hazelnut both come on macarons, made with almond flour. They are light and chewy, with decadent premium ice cream in between. The third flavor that we carry, Oatmeal Cream, does come on traditional oatmeal-wheat cookies, and taste as good as home-made.

You may have also noticed a new bright pink label in the freezer in the last few weeks - It’s It Ice Cream Sandwiches now come in strawberry! Created nearly a century ago in San Francisco, these treats are also on oatmeal cookies, but then dipped in chocolate. The mint flavor seems to outsell the others quite a bit, perhaps because mint is so cooling?

If dairy isn’t your thing, try one of our ice pops! We’ve had Jolly Llama push-ups, which come in 4 packs, for years, in simple fruit flavors.. right now we have strawberry and mango. But there are two new icey novelties: Brewla Bars are made here in Brooklyn, and based on brewed liquids: tea, coffee and root beer. We’re trying out the Root Beer and White Tea with Peach and Ginger, each a slightly more grown up delight, that would taste equally great on the go, and dunked into a vodka spritzer.

Lastly, Innocent Ice Pops, basically fresh juices in popcicle form, will give you a burst of nutrition. They are vegan, gf, and have nothing added but pure fruit and vegetable juices, including carrots, beets, and even kale! The Tropicarrot combines carrots with tropical fruits like mango, while the Kale Daddy is almost a cleanse, with loads of ginger, cayenne and of course, kale and apple juices. Ranging from 45 to 80 calories each, they are perfect for after a hard day’s work, a yoga or gym work-out, or just sitting in Fort Greene Park with a good book.

However you choose to treat yourself, we’ve got you covered!

Grown Fresh, Grown Local

Our produce department is currently sourcing 50% of its fruits and vegetables from small farms within 250 miles from the store. This is an amazing accomplishment, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

We are fortunate to have customers who recognize that perfect-looking doesn’t always mean great-tasting. Thank you to the Fort Greene community for being thoughtful, caring, and supportive customers. Your purchases help small, sustainable farms who are farming the right way – and not always growing uniform, blemish-free goods!

If you’re interested in reading more about how markets find the beauty in all produce, check out this piece about a supermarket chain in Paris, which teaches that even “ugly veggies” have a place on your dinner plate.

And… we’re back!

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In May, the NY State Senate declared yogurt to be the official state snack, as NY is the #1 processor in the country. We’re proud to sell yogurt from 12 homegrown companies. In fact, 4 of them, White Moustache, Sohha, Culture and Anita’s are made right here in Brooklyn!

We’ve got a range of variaties; drinkable Culture yogurt drinks, Cowbella Kefir, and Siggi’s, spoonable Blue Hill, Maple Hill, Seven Stars, Ronnybrook and Sohha, and thick, dollopable Greek style including White Moustache, Fage and Culture. And it’s not just cow’s milk, but goat, sheep and even coconut milk that’s turned into yogurt.

But what makes these all yogurt, and what makes them different? Yogurt is a fermented milk product, much like cheese, beer or pickles. Basically “controlled spoilage,” milk is dosed with live bacteria cultures which thickens it, leaves it with a sour tang, and a wallop of probiotics that makes this type of dairy more digestible to some folks. These cultures, called actobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus bacteria, can survive in the digestive system and will live in your gut, neutralizing bad bacteria that might give you gas, or cause diseases including some cancers.

Originating in different regions across the world from Eastern Europe to India, different styles are trending here in the US. Greek yogurt, strained for hours until it becomes thick like sour cream, is extremely dense in nutrients, and even non-fat versions are so thick and creamy that it still tastes like a treat. Drinkables, sometimes in the form of blended smoothies, or as Kefir (which technically isn’t yogurt because of different cultures), have an unctuous texture that is packaged to drink on-the-go. Generally these are all enjoyed sweet, just like the fruit-on-the-bottom varieties we grew up with, but are often sold plain for you to add any topping or mix-ins you like.

The next trend in yogurts? Savory. If you’ve ever drizzled white sauce on your falafel, or dipped pita into tzatziki – a yogurt dip flavored with cucumber and garlic, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Blue Hill’s vegetable flavors, such as carrot and beet, are balanced in flavor, making them equally spoonable as for topping curries or tacos. Brooklyn based Sohha adds a dash of sea salt, and sells jars of olive oil infused with spices and seeds on the side. So if you find yourself feeling peckish at any time of the day, consider a snack of creamy, dreamy yogurt!

Spring Gardening

There’s no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day and spring’s arrival than planting a vegetable garden! We’re carrying dozens of seed varieties from Hudson Valley Seed Library, specially bred for success in our area.

If you just can’t wait for seeds to sprout, we’ve got you covered – seedlings are growing all over the store, loving the radiant sunshine that streams through our south-facing windows! Tiny Tim tomatoes make for a quick, homegrown treat, the classic New Yorker tomato slices well on a sandwich, Genovese Basil is the kitchen companion you won’t want to be without this summer, and the Matchbox Pepper will add the perfect heat to a homemade, homegrown hot sauce!

Come and pick some up today, and be sure to ask our staff about planting suggestions. Happy growing!