Dairy Queens

In honor of Spring finally here, we’ve got a double whammy of free tastings this Saturday with three amazing ladies.

First, from 11am-1, Jody from Kriemhild Dairy will be bringing their sun-drenched grass fed butter. Bright yellow from the grass’s natural beta carotene, and one of the highest butterfat contents we’ve ever seen (85%!), this butter is absolutely delicious shmeared on any of our local breads or fresh seasonal vegetables.  Come chat with the owner about the nutritional benefits this butter packs, and what it’s like to be a farmer in upstate NY!

After you’ve spent the day foraging around Brooklyn, come back at 3pm and cool off with a taste of Phin and Phebes  ice cream, made right here in our fair boro. Made with milk from the Quality Dairy Farms coop in NY state, these ladies offer some super creative flavors such as Banana Whama and Vietnamese Iced Coffee. And if you check out their site, you’ll discover some of their experimental ice cream float ideas with some of our favorite adult sodas. Yum!


Greene GrapeDairy Queens
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New Dairy Round-Up

Poke around our tiny store, and you might notice a bunch of new products on the shelves. In the dairy case, Ray’s Seitan is a hearty wheat-meat, chewy in texture, yet crisps up nicely when pan fried in oil or butter. Even if you’re an omnivore, this Seitan is a wonderful way to cut back on your meat intake while bulking up the protein in a meal. We’ve cooked it with a little bacon and once the flavors meld, we can hardly tell the difference between the bites.

You might also notice Sfoglini Fresh Pasta! We’re the sole retailer for their fresh version, which cooks up in under 5 minutes, ready to hoist your favorite sauce, cheese or butter. Speaking of butter, we’ve got Evans Farmhouse Creamery Butter, lightly salted, in bulk, so you can be sure it’s the absolute freshest. Naturally bright yellow, a sign that these cows are munching on fresh, organic grass, which lends a slightly herbal note to the clean, silky sweet flavor.

Grab all 3 new items, and toss in your favorite fresh veggies, for the perfect springtime dinner!

Greene GrapeNew Dairy Round-Up
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Soul Kofa-ing

Can one say “vegan butcher”?

Come by Provisions this Friday night as we welcome Brooklyn’s faux-meat caterer extraordinaire Soul Kofa to the tasting arena, sampling his deliciously crispy meat-free chicken nuggets and tangy BBQ ribs. Drawing on African vegetarian tradition, they’re perfect slathered on a grilled cheese sandwich, between burger buns or tossed into a salad. He’ll be here from 6 to 8pm.

Greene GrapeSoul Kofa-ing
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Blue Bottle for dessert?

If you find yourself craving for a little pick me up, you need Steve’s Ice Cream’s new flavor, NOLA Coffee and Donuts. Made with Blue Bottle Coffee, which is blended with chicory as in the New Orleans style, and organic sugar, for a distinct Southern style brew. Steve mixes in crumbled donuts for texture, Old Fashions, we think.

This pint’s probably got enough caffeine to keep the party going after a few pints of say, Brooklyn Chcoolate Stout, the star of BKLYN Blackout, another one of Steve’s creations.  Then visit The Annex for a hot cup of more Blue Bottle in the morning!

Greene GrapeBlue Bottle for dessert?
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Gefilte? I hardly knew her!

…..That’s what people will be saying after the gefilte disappears from our Gefilteria tasting on Saturday afternoon. We’ll be sampling their traditional gefilte loaf (with the slightly-less-traditional carrot citrus or ruby beet horseradish) and talking Passover tips.

A little sweet, a little sour, you’ll never look at a fish-loaf the same way again. The tasting runs from 3:30 to 5:30pm at Provisions.

Greene GrapeGefilte? I hardly knew her!
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Grown in Brooklyn

Trying to cut down on meat, but skeptical about those rubbery vegetarian sausages and burgers? Good news: the fine folks from Barry’s Tempeh will be at Provisions Thursday night from 5-7pm. 

Barry’s been working on his tempeh for years – beginning as a chef at a Buddhist monastery! His secret is slow fermentation in small batches, which flood the tempeh with good bacterias and enzymes – making the stuff pro-biotic. (Barry makes each batch in the bag it’s sold in, with key ingredients ranging from beans to grains to rice to soy.) Take a deep breath, let it out, and come by for delicious samples (and maybe even a few recipe ideas.)

Greene GrapeGrown in Brooklyn
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Hecho en Queens

We’ve got a lot of wonderful products from Kings County, but from Queens, not so much. What better way to welcome in our neighbors than with fresh corn tortillas from Tortilleria Nixtamal?

Made in Corona, Queens, these tortillas are served at many wonderful restaurants and institutions around the city, including Yankee Stadium! Now they can be enjoyed at home in any way you can imagine. Their non-GMO and non-transgenic corn comes from Illinois, as Nixtamal believes in preserving the healthiness of all-natural foods. Their tortillas are designed to enhance the flavor of the rest of the ingredients, resulting in a delicate corn flavor, with a slight sweet and nutty finish.

If you can’t get ’em while they’re still warm at delivery time, we’ll save a few in the freezer, so that you can enjoy them at your leisure. We recommend you check out the meat counter for something to cook low and slow, grate a little cotija or Beehive Smoked Cheddar, and top it off with fresh Pico de Gallo from our produce fridges, but we’re sure you’ll come up with hundreds of unique ways to use these Tortillas.

Greene GrapeHecho en Queens
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Tasty, Right?

So two dudes walk into a bar and start a salad dressing company.

Not the climax you anticipated? Veterans of the restaurant scene (think Westville, Diner, Taco Chulo, Enid’s, Smorgasborg), Josh and Duncan have been able to make a tidy name for themselves with their Right Tasty vinaigrettes. The secret? Aquaponic veggies from upstate New York – like those tomatoes we were blogging about.

They’ll be at Provisions from 4-6pm this Sunday. Don’t worry about bringing your own lettuce.

Greene GrapeTasty, Right?
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Gefilte? I hardly know her!

…..Well, that’s about to change this Thursday, as our friends from Gefilteria will be doing a tasting of their luscious ruby beet kvass  at Provisions. Salty and sour, fermented beet kvass – nicknamed “the blood of the earth” back in the day – is one of the healthiest and most replenishing things you can drink, for Passover or anytime.

We we won’t be sampling Gefilteria’s carrot citrus horseradish or the fish just yet – trying to ease into things! –  but it’s not a bad idea to get the jump on some of these tangy flavors so you’re not totally shocked if you find yourself a fish out of water at a Seder. Kvass-master / Gefilteria co-founder Jeffrey Yoskowitz will be at Provisions from 5-7pm.

Greene GrapeGefilte? I hardly know her!
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Front Row Seats

And The Nominees For Best Tasting Are:

NAFI’s Hot Pepper Condiments on Saturday from 12-2pm at Provisions

Pipcorn on Saturday from 5-7pm at the wine store

Bixby & Co. Chocolate on Sunday from 11:30-2:30pm at Provisions

And The Nominees For Best Wines To Pair With Pipcorn Are…

Did you know German movie theaters serve sweet kettle corn instead of our salted, buttered variety?  With a kettle corn tasting at Provisions on Friday, we found some Austrian and German wines to pair. Join us Saturday night to sample:  

Frank Etz Gruner Veltliner ’11 1L – This crisp, refreshing Gruner in a 1 Liter bottle is a fantastic value and a perennial staff favorite.  Light, with bright notes of citrus and stone fruits.

Schmitts Kinder Silvaner ’11 – Made in Bavaria, in South East Germany, this wine is full-bodied with nice minerality, subtle spice and balanced acidity.

Weingut Schmitges Dry Riesling ’11 – A Classic style Riesling made in the Mosel, this wine boasts ripe peach, the slightest hint of sweetness and a thirst-quenching acidity on the finish to keep you wanting more. Good thing it comes in a liter!

Umathum Sankt Laurent ’10 – Made from the lesser known grape Sankt Laurent, this wine is akin to a Pinot Noir but with a funkier, more savory twist. Lighter in body, this red is silky with notes of spice and dark cherries.

Greene GrapeFront Row Seats
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