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Sprout It From the Rooftop!

Our produce department is dedicated to supporting local, small, sustainable farms whenever possible. This allows us to put an emphasis on seasonality and to support farmers through all of their growing and harvesting seasons.

The direct relationship we have with small farmers allows us to know that they are earning 100% from every dollar we pay them. When we can’t source locally, we work with distributors whose practices we trust and admire. We strive to educate our customers about the very real differences in farming methods and about the farms that we work with.

Produce FAQ

What does local mean?

In general, we abide by the following terms and seek to provide as much transparency as possible in the origins of our products and the steps in our supply chain!

Local: within 250 mile radius

Regional: within 400 mile radius

What makes someone a “small” farmer?

A small farm is a farm that is under 300 acres.

For any city dwellers reading this, here are some points of reference in terms you might understand!

Fort Greene Park is 30 acres so a small farm is approximately 10 Fort Greene Parks

Prospect Park is 526 acres so a small farm is about half of a Prospect Park

Central Park is 843 acres so a small farm is just around one third of Central Park

What is Integrated Pest Management (or IPM)?

Integrated Pest Management is an agricultural practice that is used to manage crop damage by the most economical means and with the least amount of damage to humans and the environment. Chemical application is the very last resort, but it is used (minimally) when it is deemed absolutely necessary to protect a crop. IPM represents the nuance involved in sustainable farming.

Some practices for preventing pest damage may include*:

  • inspecting crops and monitoring crops for damage
  • using mechanical trapping devices
  • natural predators (ex. insects that eat other insects)
  • insect growth regulators
  • mating disruption substances (pheromones)
  • if necessary, applying chemical pesticides (though the impact can be minimized by not spraying during the fruiting stage of a plant’s life)

*Adapted from the Environmental Protection Agency’s “IPM Principles” 2015

Featured Farmer

Our produce team has been on a mission to source some beautiful mushrooms, and this season we began participating in Smallhold’s farm share program to bring some truly beautiful fungi to the store!

Smallhold Farms

Brooklyn, New York

As part of Smallhold’s Distributed Farming Network, Provisions is part of the latest innovation in local farming technology. Grown in Bushwick in three 40-foot shipping containers, Smallhold’s mushrooms are the freshest and most local we could imagine.

Smallhold makes local food more feasible by saving on the urban farmer’s most limited resources: space and time. Their produce is grown three quarters of the way before being distributed to kitchens and grocery stores equipped with their vertical mini-farms. Hooked up to water, wi-fi, and grow lights, these bookcase-sized farms are monitored remotely by Smallhold growers until they’re ready to be harvested and eaten. Currently, Smallhold grows about 100 lbs of mushrooms a week, which includes the Maitake and King Trumpet mushrooms sold in our produce case!

By making fresh and local food a reality for backyards, grocery stores, and commercial kitchens, Smallhold is changing the way we think about farm to table cooking by bringing the farm closer than ever before.

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