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Farm Fresh Produce


Sprout It From the Rooftop!

Our produce department is dedicated to supporting local, small, sustainable farms whenever possible. This allows us to put an emphasis on seasonality and to support farmers through all of their growing and harvesting seasons.

The direct relationship we have with small farmers allows us to know that they are earning 100% from every dollar we pay them. When we can’t source locally, we work with distributors whose practices we trust and admire. We strive to educate our customers about the very real differences in farming methods and about the farms that we work with.

Produce FAQ

What does local mean?

In general, we abide by the following terms and seek to provide as much transparency as possible in the origins of our products and the steps in our supply chain!

Local: within 250 mile radius

Regional: within 400 mile radius

What makes someone a “small” farmer?

A small farm is a farm that is under 300 acres.

For any city dwellers reading this, here are some points of reference in terms you might understand!

Fort Greene Park is 30 acres so a small farm is approximately 10 Fort Greene Parks

Prospect Park is 526 acres so a small farm is about half of a Prospect Park

Central Park is 843 acres so a small farm is just around one third of Central Park

What is Integrated Pest Management (or IPM)?

Integrated Pest Management is an agricultural practice that is used to manage crop damage by the most economical means and with the least amount of damage to humans and the environment. Chemical application is the very last resort, but it is used (minimally) when it is deemed absolutely necessary to protect a crop. IPM represents the nuance involved in sustainable farming.

Some practices for preventing pest damage may include*:

  • inspecting crops and monitoring crops for damage
  • using mechanical trapping devices
  • natural predators (ex. insects that eat other insects)
  • insect growth regulators
  • mating disruption substances (pheromones)
  • if necessary, applying chemical pesticides (though the impact can be minimized by not spraying during the fruiting stage of a plant’s life)

*Adapted from the Environmental Protection Agency’s “IPM Principles” 2015

Getting Hungry?

From catering to delivery, we offer multiple ways to satiate your palate.


Featured Farms!

This month, Provisions Produce Buyer Nailah Griffin has chosen two farms to feature for the tasty greens they bring to our shop!

Radicle Farms

New Jersey & New York

Radicle Farms was a created out of a desire for better, fresher, local greens in upscale restaurants and gourmet groceries. Greenhouse grown in Utica, NY, Radicle Farms promotes selling their greens as a living product in soil, to reduce food waste by ensuring the greens will stay fresh longer. Buy them living and pick some off, dress ’em, then straight to your plate! Radicle Farms greens are available pre-cut as well which you can find on our produce display.

At Provisions, we carry the Upstate Farmer’s Blend – luscious and flavorful, Nailah prizes them for being especially kid friendly “it’s the only mix my little one will gobble up!” By pursuing an innovative concept from a sustainability mindset, companies like Radicle are helping revolutionize the way we eat. “Personally, I love their products and what they stand for” Nailah finished.

Gotham Greens

New York & Chicago

As Nailah says, “Hail the holy mother of greenhouse, hydroponic growers!” Based on a rooftop in Gowanus, Gotham Greens has been growing the best lettuce since 2009. Always supple, crisp, and juicy, (yes, juicy lettuce) these greens are grown without the use of soil and are given the best TLC possible. The greens are supplied a customized mineral/nutrient blend via water that is recycled in channels throughout the greenhouse. Using the hydroponic growing method allows this half acre greenhouse to produce ten times the yield with one tenth the water of a commercial farm.

And not only does Gotham produce amazing salad greens, “they also grow basil and make a pesto that is the freshest, tastiest and most kid-approved around!” As if all of this wasn’t enough, Gotham Greens puts an emphasis on partnering with several local businesses, including Greene Grape favorite – MOMO dressing who makes Gotham Greens’ basil shine in their dressings.

Stay tuned as we continue our Spotlight on Greens series with a few other local innovative growers! 

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Weekend Demos at Provisions

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Provisions Produce Buyer Nailah Griffin is no stranger to over-ripened and underused produce. To make the most of the fruits

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