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Good Food Awards 2016

As founding members of the Good Food Retailers Collaborative we are proud sponsors of the Good Food Awards and Good Food Mercantile. The Collaborative is a group of like-minded stores across the country who share the values of taste, authenticity and responsible production. We are on a mission to build commerce and community between the people who make, purvey, and enjoy Good Food.  

Congratulations to all of the nominees – your passion for your craft and dedication to your values brings positivity and inspires growth to everyone in the field! Goods from the producers below can be found in our shop. 

Ninkasi Brewing Company
Dawn of the Red India Pale Ale,
Fra’ Mani Handcrafted Foods
Soppressata, California
La Quercia
Speck Americano, Iowa
Olympia Provisions
Rigani Loukaniko, Oregon
Red Table Meat Co.
The Royal & Big Chet’s & Coppa,
Regalis Foods
Columbia River Smoked Steelhead Trout Roe,
New York
Underground Meats
Summer Sausage, Wisconsin
Bellwether Farms
Whole Milk Ricotta, California
Cowgirl Creamery
Red Hawk & Inverness, California
Farms for City Kids
Tarentaise & Ashbrook & Reading,
Jacobs and Brichford Farmstead Cheese
Adair & Briana, Indiana
Maple Hill Creamery
Whole Milk Yogurt,
New York
Uplands Cheese
Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Wisconsin
Charm School Chocolate
70% Dark Belize, Maryland
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate
70% Bolivia, Alto Beni, California
Fruition Chocolate
Bolivian Wild Harvest 74% & Nacional Dark Milk 68%, New York
Nathan Miller Chocolate
Gingerbread Bar, Pennsylvania

American Spoon
Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Michigan
Askinosie Chocolate
Hey, Hey Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Missouri
Ethereal Confections

Blood Orange and Vanilla Bean Meltaway, Illinois
Serendipity Confections
Chocolate Covered Butter Caramels with Fleur de Sel,Wyoming
Bee Local
Bee Local Sauvie Honey & Bee Local Coastal Mountain Honey,Oregon
La Tourangelle
Gourmande Roasted Hazelnut Oil, California
Adoboloco Pineapple Hot Sauce, Hawaii
Brooklyn Delhi
Tomato Achaar, New York
Trees Knees Spicy Syrup, New York
One Culture Foods
Sweet Savory Spicy, New York
American Spoon
Ramp Kimchi, Michigan
Mama O’s Premium Kimchi
Mama O’s Premium Baby Bok Choy Kimchi, New York
Bloody Mary Kraut & Ruby Calendula Kraut, Colorado
Wine Forest
Pickled Sea Beans, California
American Spoon
Wild Thimbleberry Jam & Wild Elderberry Jelly, Michigan
Friend in Cheeses Jam Co.
Golden Sageberry Jam, California
Caledonia Spirits
Tom Cat Barrel Aged Gin,

Made with Integrity, Skill and Pride

We strive to provide customers with a logical line of staple, seasonal, and specialty items for the pantry. It is our mission to provide goods made with integrity, skill and pride and we seek local vendors and small producers who share those values. 

Whenever possible, we strive to stock foods that are produced within the standards of the Good Food Movement and HowGood, including, but not limited to:

  • Ingredients
    • Are grown locally to the producer with respect for seasonality
    • Are grown without synthetic herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers, and without GMOs
  • Producers
    • Provide transparency in the supply chain, or have other certifications like Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, etc.
    • Use fair labor practices
    • Practice good animal husbandry and humane animal handling
  • Products
    • Have attractive packaging that sell themselves, would look good in a basket, and are effectively designed for the product they contain
    • Are a fair price to both the producer and the customer
    • Taste great!

As we have been in business for quite some time, many of the products we carry are already well established, popular items. We constantly assess whether customers are still wowed by our selection, and whether the product still meets our standards.

Questions about how to get a product on our shelf or wondering what happened to an old favorite? Email us at [email protected]

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