La Esquina Salsa

Nevermind that it’s salsa made in New York City. This stuff’s the real deal, made in the kitchens of La Esquina, one of the best taco corner joints in the lower east side.  We chose 3 flavors, Salsa Roja, Salsa Roja HOT, and Salsa Verde, made with a blend of ripe tomatoes, tomatillos and chiles, and contain no fat or sugar.  Each are great complements to our different chips, especially when they’ve been smothered with melted cheese, sour cream and fresh cilantro.

You’ll find these colorful jars next to the pasta sauces, just a few steps from the chips!

Greene GrapeLa Esquina Salsa
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Holla for Challah

Whether you’re hosting, or attending as a guest, you’ll be the life of the party this Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. If you’re in charge of the pre-dinner sweets, pick some new-harvest, local apples from Hudson Valley. We’ll be getting a very limited amount of Challah* from ORWASHERS on Wednesday, ready to be dipped into luscious raw honey from PUMPKIN VILLAGE.

If you’re a fan of Gefilte Fish, give THE GEFILTERIA a try. In the freezer, The Gefilteria takes this traditional dish to the next level, layering pike and whitefish with pink salmon, both delicious and beautiful! Complement your appetizer with a dollop of ISH Citrus or Beet Horseradish, bright and sweet.

For those who celebrate, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

*If you’d like to reserve a challah, please give us a call by Friday (8/30) afternoon.

Greene GrapeHolla for Challah
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Local Farms, Local Food

A few days ago, we shared the first half of our celebration of National Farmers Market Week, giving insight into the farms from which we get fruits and vegetables. But as we all know, farms bring us more than just apples and zucchini. Look around the store, and you’ll find great food grown by real farmers, whose food is always seasonal and fresh.

We’ve been lucky to score a few cases of honey made on the rooftops from Bed-Stuy Bees, and Pumpkin Village in VT hand-delivers raw honey and maple syrup every few weeks. In the dairy case, we source most of our yogurts from Hudson Valley, and all of our milk from Battenkill, Organic Valley and Natural By Nature, is from animals raised happily within 500 miles of NYC. Don’t forget the Adirondack Creamery ice cream!

Speaking of animals, our meat department sources whole animals from nearby farms, including Slope Farms, Kinderhook and Arcadian Pastures, who also bring us our pastured eggs. Be sure to stop off at our cheese counter for the freshest Cato Corner cheeses, which we pick up from the Fort Greene Greenmarket every Saturday. These get nestled into our case amongst the other farmstead cheeses, such as NY’s Sprout Creek, and VT’s Jasper Hill.

And if you crave something a little sweet, our wine shop proudly sells Fox Run Vineyards Riesling from the Fingerlakes, brought down with our weekly beef delivery! We admit, there’s nothing like being surrounded by the farmers market every weekend, but we’re proud to be the next best thing!

Greene GrapeLocal Farms, Local Food
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National Farmers Market Week!

August 4-10th is National Farmers Market Week, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share our love and support of our local farms. With over 40% of our produce grown nearby, all under 200 miles, we differ from a farmers market by stocking their food 7 days a week! And while 40% may not sound like a large amount, if our local farmers could grow citrus, avocados and other tropical fruits in the Northeast, they would. Nearly everything we sell, that can be grown in local soil, is.

Farmers markets preserve America’s rural livelihoods and farmland, and they stimulate local economies. Surrounding NYC is a plethora of farmland, and without a market to sell to, multi-generational farmers would be out of work. Our produce buyer, Mickey Davis, works closely with farms across NY, NJ and PA, to bring in the best apples, corn, melons, eggplant, summer squash, berries, onions and more. Lancaster Coop collects stunning fruits and veggies from all over Pennsylvania and brings it in one trip, 3 times a week, from farms such as Elm Tree Organics, Shady Brook Organics, while Grow NYC brings us fresh kale and stone fruit.

Sometimes these farmers are bringing the whole farm right to the city! Young, educated folk with a green thumb are coming here to create green space amongst our cement and steel. Brooklyn Grange is one of these, and in just 3 years have become the leading rooftop farming and intensive roof greening business in the US, and supply us with fresh, mixed greens and arugula. Just down the road on Bergen Street, Feedback Farms brings us Shishito peppers, and heirloom tomatoes and eggplant. Check back this weekend to learn about the other types of local farms we support!
Greene GrapeNational Farmers Market Week!
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Catching Up

You may or may not have had the experience of being at a barbecue this past weekend and reaching for the ketchup, only to find the bottle spent, exhausted, squeezed within an inch of its life, desperately dripping syrupy spots onto your burger but direly failing to bring the flavor you deserve.

Well hopefully not. But since summer is officially warming up, we’d like to recommend that you roll up to Provisions for a Sir Kensington’s tasting. Sir Kensington’s understands that flavor is everything in a ketchup or a mayonnaise, and that when done properly, the spread should be strong enough that a little bit goes a long way.

Made from vine-ripened tomatoes and gobsmacking blends of vinegars and spices, the taste of their stuff will stay with you until Labor Day – and beyond. They’ll be at Provisions from 4-6pm this Thursday. 

Greene GrapeCatching Up
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Introducing: The White Moustache

While Greek yogurt is still super trendy right now, we couldn’t resist making a little room on the shelf for something a little more creative. The White Moustache Yogurt is new to Brooklyn, a microbatch producer of old-world technique Greek and Persian styles of the thick stuff.

Starting Friday, they’ll be on the shelves. We’ve invited the producer, Homa, to share her yogurts with you, in a FREE tasting this Sunday, 1-3pm!

Available in lovely glass jars that showcase how special these are, their yogurts are made from Hudson Valley Fresh milk and live probiotics, without thickeners, salt, sugar or extra cream, like some other brands. We’re excited to launch their brand with 3 varieties – the uber-thick, pure Greek, The Kiss – Greek yogurt sweetened with Orange Blossom Honey and hand-chopped walnuts. The third is Moosir, their Persian style, which is a little less strained, and accented with imported Iranian shallots. This last one is more like a tzatziki, perfect for drizzling over fish or chicken, dipping into with pita chips, or for those of you who prefer a more savory yogurt experience. We think you’ll love them all!

Greene GrapeIntroducing: The White Moustache
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The New Bacon

Ladies and gents, we proudly introduce our new housemade pancetta!  Our pasture-raised Gloucester Old Spot pork bellies from Arcadian Pastures of Sloansville, NY are cured in juniper and rosemary, and hung to mature resulting in a buttery texture and sweet herbacious aroma.  This stuff is perfect for a summer pasta, shaved asparagus salad or to accompany poached eggs.

Also: keep a lookout for our pancetta picante, with a chili and fennel complexion!

Greene GrapeThe New Bacon
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Dairy Queens

In honor of Spring finally here, we’ve got a double whammy of free tastings this Saturday with three amazing ladies.

First, from 11am-1, Jody from Kriemhild Dairy will be bringing their sun-drenched grass fed butter. Bright yellow from the grass’s natural beta carotene, and one of the highest butterfat contents we’ve ever seen (85%!), this butter is absolutely delicious shmeared on any of our local breads or fresh seasonal vegetables.  Come chat with the owner about the nutritional benefits this butter packs, and what it’s like to be a farmer in upstate NY!

After you’ve spent the day foraging around Brooklyn, come back at 3pm and cool off with a taste of Phin and Phebes  ice cream, made right here in our fair boro. Made with milk from the Quality Dairy Farms coop in NY state, these ladies offer some super creative flavors such as Banana Whama and Vietnamese Iced Coffee. And if you check out their site, you’ll discover some of their experimental ice cream float ideas with some of our favorite adult sodas. Yum!


Greene GrapeDairy Queens
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New Dairy Round-Up

Poke around our tiny store, and you might notice a bunch of new products on the shelves. In the dairy case, Ray’s Seitan is a hearty wheat-meat, chewy in texture, yet crisps up nicely when pan fried in oil or butter. Even if you’re an omnivore, this Seitan is a wonderful way to cut back on your meat intake while bulking up the protein in a meal. We’ve cooked it with a little bacon and once the flavors meld, we can hardly tell the difference between the bites.

You might also notice Sfoglini Fresh Pasta! We’re the sole retailer for their fresh version, which cooks up in under 5 minutes, ready to hoist your favorite sauce, cheese or butter. Speaking of butter, we’ve got Evans Farmhouse Creamery Butter, lightly salted, in bulk, so you can be sure it’s the absolute freshest. Naturally bright yellow, a sign that these cows are munching on fresh, organic grass, which lends a slightly herbal note to the clean, silky sweet flavor.

Grab all 3 new items, and toss in your favorite fresh veggies, for the perfect springtime dinner!

Greene GrapeNew Dairy Round-Up
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